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Try our 45min Small Group Training! It is fun, dynamic, social and at the same time will help increase your fitness level, build habit and unlock your potential. A capped number of participants will allow me to cater for your individual fitness level and will help you learn how to push yourself within your limits.....Your body and mind will adapt and you will learn to love exercise. We have multiple sessions on offer across differing times/days and depending on your membership you`ll be able to access the combination of the classes you want every week!

Current Autumn timetable:


  • Tuesday 6.30pm Strength & Conditioning

  • Wednesday 6.15am HIT BOOTCAMP

  • Wednesday 9.15am Run

  • Friday 6.15am HIT BOOTCAMP

  • Friday 9.15am HIT TRAINING



Always outside in the local area, come rain, shine, hot or cold, we`ll always work out! We will provide the equipment, the simple to understand program session with motivational clear Instruction. You will be tested! You`ll be asked to provide the input and pushed to just the right level. Your body will condition quick, you will start to feel stronger, fitter, healthier than ever before.


Always inside,  a simple clear 45 minute session that will target improvements in your effort level. Don't worry....It will cater for all levels of fitness and is designed to help you feel comfortable working at optimum rates, safely and within your own ambition levels.

Learn to....RUN CLUB

You either like to RUN/JOG or you don't....Right? Did you know that when you use the aerobic system you burn calories. These sessions are programmed to cater for beginners up to the more organised runners. Designed to build habit through enjoyment and running with others you will really be amazed in how easy improvements can be made.

Strength & Conditioning Training

Inside a fully functional gym and suitable for all levels of fitness or the general population with condition related considerations. I`ll be on hand to write you a specific strength program, show you how to use equipment and correct your posture if required. Building muscle & improving your strength is an important part of any persons exercise routine. It`s not about BIG muscles! It`s about being strong!



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We`re all busy! Are you a morning or evening person? Fitting in exercise in our lives is always a challenge and its important theres enough of a choice whilst supporting when you prefer to work out. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for being healthy. At FIT STREET we provide multiple ways to access the classes on offer.

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