Appropriate Improvement without Injury

So your thinking about running? Or perhaps your trying to get over that hump of distance without the body breaking down? Everyone knows its hard to start but why do millions of people around the world do it every day? Here's just a few benefits...

  • Improved Stamina & Energy

  • Great Cure for Stress

  • Reduce High Blood Pressure

  • Improved Sleeping Patterns

  • Weight Management

  • Build Strong Bones

  • Increased Self-awareness

  • Make Friends

  • You can do it any-where & its Cheap!

  • Every-one starts at the beginning (what-ever your fitness level)

At Fit Street we offer one on one coaching and a group session each week for beginner to Intermediate (upto10km) to programming support/strength/speed sessions for the more advanced runners....

Wednesday 9.15am Intermediate